Microfinance developing paths to Self-sufficiency

Credit and Development Forum (CDF) is the national Microfinance Network in Bangladesh has been contributing to the institutional & knowledge based capacity building of MFIs, sectoral research, networking, advocacy & lobbying, information disseminations, financial sector linkages and organizing experience sharing events at home and abroad on microfinance.

CDF was established in 1992 is among first microfinance network. It is not for Profit Company limited by guarantee and registered with the Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh. NGO Affairs’ Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.

Main objective of CDF is to build institution of the microfinance NGOs to facilitate enabling environment for the microfinance operation.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Ensure support to use potentialities of MF-NGOs for a healthy microfinance sector.
  • Assist MFIs in improving competencies for providing effective microfinance services to the poor and extreme poor
  • Facilitate an enabling environment for MF practitioners.
  • Establish linkage with bank and thereby, provide MFIs collateral-free access to financial resources through offering repayment guarantee.
  • Strengthen network and advocacy to change policy and strategy issues towards effective poverty reduction.

Accordingly CDF works in three core areas of

  1. Capacity Building Services
  2. Research and Advocacy Services and
  3. Network, Development and Linkage

Its present membership consists of over 1,500 NGO MFIs across the country.


54/A,  Road # 12, Block # Kha, Pisciculture Housing Society, Shekhertek, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 , Bangladesh
P:   0088 2 8142998, 8143001