Frontiers of Formal Financial Services reach out to all

The Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN or ‘the Network’), the national association for retail players in the microfinance industry, was established as an informal group by industry practitioners in 1997, under the name Microfinance Group-Pakistan [MFG-P]. At the time, the group was focused on coordinating dialogue and lateral learning opportunities between members. Over time, with the increase in the nature and level of activities, and membership, the setup was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP] in April 2001 under the Companies Act. It has since been known as the Pakistan Microfinance Network.

PMN’s members lie at the heart of the organization’s governance. The Network’s strength today stands at 50 retail microfinance providers [MFPs] that collectively account for over 99% of the total microfinance outreach in Pakistan.

The key objectives of PMN are:

  • Promoting an enabling environment that benefits the work of all stakeholders.
  • Building the capacity of stakeholders, especially that of retail microfinance institutions.

Acting as an information gateway by disseminating industry relevant information, improving transparency, promoting bench marking, and serving as an information hub.


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